10.7.2 Update, or “Who turned out the lights?”

I updated my hack to 10.7.2 today and watched her boot up to a black screen. More accurately, the monitor went to sleep immediately upon loading the OS X GUI.

The interwebs indicated that the EFI string I’m using to inject my NVIDIA GTS 250 graphics card was causing the problem.

Sure enough, I removed the EFI string and was able to boot into the GUI, albeit without graphics acceleration.

I was able to add pseudo-acceleration by adding the Chameleon key to my com.apple.boot.plist, but it was choppy and slow.

Finally, I returned to my old way of graphics injection by throwing the NVEnabler.kext (64-bit) into /System/Library/Extensions (the NVEnabler devs claim that it should work in /Extra/Extensions as well, but I tried that first and it didn’t work).

TL;DR: To get my NVIDIA GTS 250 graphics card to play nice with OS X Lion 10.7.2, I had to remove the EFI injection strings from com.apple.boot.plist, remove the GraphicsEnabler plist key, and add NVEnabler.kext (64-bit) to /S/L/E.

5 thoughts on “10.7.2 Update, or “Who turned out the lights?”

  1. Hello Hello,

    Does Osx really registers one card as primary/parent and one as secondar/child

    in my setup i have a 8800GTS 320 Slot and a 8400GS 512

    i know recognized that for example Cinebench only shows the second smaller card, and even my main working App, Avid Media Composer only shows the 8400GS as supported OpenGL Hardware!

    how can i change the order so te better card is recognized by cinebench/avid
    Switching child and parent leads to blackscreen on boot, unless i change fron peg/pci to pci/peg. (aus p5b deluxe 2xpcie 16x).
    But still both pps only show the 8400GS

    By the way wich card is used for all the Osx Quarz Effects? Adding widgets and those things!

    Thanx a lot.

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