One thought on “This week’s hair-thinner: The page you selected contains a list that does not exist.

  1. Please help me with this..looked like something same, but we have all sandbox solution and not any metadata fields..

    Problem Product: SharePoint All/Some List Gets Deleted from all site collection under web application

    Problem Description:
    This is an issue which deleted each and every List from All the site collections under deployed web application
    Where when we go to “Site Contents“, we don’t see any deployed lists other than deployed provider Hosted Apps(Refer. Screenshot 1)
    when or different Deployed Site Pages also, we get an error as

    1. when try to access the existed lists in site collection we get error as: (Refer. Screenshot 2)
    “List does not exist. The page you selected contains a list that does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.”
    2. when try to access the existed Site Pages we get error as: (Refer. Screenshot 3)
    Sorry, something went wrong
    with Correlation ID’s, the correlation id reflects the same above error in SP logs

    We are facing the same issue on different environments, have diagnosed the issue, gone through SP logs, took help with SQL Profiler also, still not able to find the root cause
    After setting up different environments, we are able to re- produce the issue 3.-4 times on QA environments

    This happens sometime to all site collections to under web application and sometime specific site collections

    Please find below Our Product Technology Details we have used:
    1. There different Provided Hosted Apps which has SharePoint Lists + SQL as Database and MVC as front end apps
    2. These apps gets hosted on local IIS and with App Catalog Deployed to SharePoint on https
    3. We have all Sandbox Solutions, for Packaging contains Features which deploys Content Types, Site Columns and Lists Libraries to Site Collection
    There are at least 120 Lists and Libraries, 8-10 Content Types, 180+ Site Columns which are separated by using different features module wise, and more to come

    We thought of Packaging might be the prior issue to this, but all list deletion from all site collections, no one would ever do
    As considering the impact, this has the highest priority to get know the root cause and fix
    Is your application or server deployed in a production environment?
    No. Not yet, we have set-up different environments for Development, QA and for Demo Purpose
    But, we have prod. Environment deployment as First Roll out with less than 7 days

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