Allow Office 365 Group Members to “Send As” the Group Email Address


At PSC, we are nerds.  Many of us are also big fantasy football fans.  Naturally, we use Office 365 Planner to manage the office fantasy league.


We run 2 leagues– an A and a B league– like the British Premier league.  Every year, the bottom two teams in the A league are relegated to the B league, and the B league champion and runner-up are given the option to join the A league.

Depending on who returns to play each year, a few spots open up in the B league and we send an open invitation to everyone else at PSC, first-come first-serve.

Because we used Planner to manage the league this year, we wanted to send the “league sign-up” email from the Office 365 Group’s email address ( so that every reply went straight to the Group’s conversation and each of the 3 commissioners was notified when a reply came in.

Nuts and bolts

Office 365 Groups are comprised of multiple pieces: a SharePoint Team Site for document storage, a Notebook, an Exchange Calendar and an Exchange Distribution Group (with a snazzy “Conversations” front end) for email.

So we should just be able to update the settings for the Distribution Group like you would any other distro to allow users to send as the group.

To enable a user to send email as the group , you can make a quick change in the Group configuration in the Office 365 Exchange admin center.  Note that your user account must have the Exchange Administrator role to perform this action.

1.  Open the Exchange Admin dashboard and navigate to the groups page:


2.  Search for the group you want to edit:


3.  Double-click the group to open it, then click group delegation.


4.  Click the + button, then add each user who should be able to send email from the group.


5.  Click OK.  The users are now listed.


6.  Click Save and you’re done!  These users can now send email as the group:




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