New in Office 365: Copy files from OneDrive to Groups and SharePoint sites

This morning, a much-anticipated feature hit our Office-365 tenant: the ability to copy files directly from the OneDrive to SharePoint sites, all in the OneDrive interface.

I was greeted with this message when I logged into OneDrive.

I gave it a test drive, and it works more or less as you would expect.  To copy a file, select the checkbox next a OneDrive file (there is no option yet in the “right click” menu), then click Copy to in the ribbon.


***(I edited this image to protect my clients’ privacy)


By default, you are shown a list of your most recent sites.  Clicking Browse sites displays sites you follow at the top, and recent sites below.  You can click Show more to show more sites.


I was pleasantly surprised that subsites (not just root sites of site collections) were also displayed in my list of recent sites.


I was slightly disappointed at the lack of search functionality or the ability to browse a complete list of sites, but hey, this is a great start.  Selecting a site brings up a menu that allows you to choose a document library; once inside a library, you can even create a new folder.


After selecting a site, you can choose the destination library and even create a folder once a library is selected.

The rest is gravy.


Happy file copying!  If you don’t see this functionality in your tenant just yet, don’t worry– it’s rolling out to First Release customers now, and will be generally available later this year.

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